Alex (@zeue)

Full-Stack, DevOps, & OSS Fanatic + Supporter of The Unlicense

Hey there! My name is Alex, also known as Zeue online, and welcome to my website! 🙂

If you’re on this page, you either want to know more about me or just clicked on random links like a mad man. On the off-chance that you’re here to learn more about me, I hope you’re ready to be disappointed! Because I haven’t actually finished this website yet 😞 but don’t fear as I have some more information about what I do down below. Be sure to also check out my social medias, code repositories, and services in the bottom-right!


Kubernetes Docker Jenkins MySQL MongoDB Redis


Load Balancing L4 & L7 CI/CD Frameworks APIs RAW & RESTful VCS Git & SVN

Languages && Data Formats

PHP 7+ JavaScript ES6 Go 1.9+ Ruby 2+ Python 2.7 & 3+ Coffeescript HTML CSS LESS SASS C C++ C#/.NET Java JSON XML CSV

Frameworks && Libraries

Symfony 4.1+ Laravel 5.7+ React 15+ jQuery UnderscoreJS WordPress Vue 2+ Angular 2+ Ember 3+ Meteor Foundation 5+ NodeJS Ruby on Rails BootStrap 4+ Django 2+ Ionic PhoneGap Drupal